Case studies of skin cancer [treatment with BEC5]

See this amazing time lapse video of a man undergoing treatment with BEC5 Curaderm. He was diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma on his forehead in 2009 and only began to be concerned 2 years later as the mark worsened.

Looking for an alternative to the surgeon's knife, he kept this remarkable video diary to see if treatment with the non-invasive BEC5 cream worked. Watch the video below to see how he got on.

I have good news to report. After one month of applying BEC5 twice a day, the lesion is now 50% covered with new tissue. It took me a while to be able to distinguish the new from the old eschar which needed debridement. I had the help of a retired doctor for this. It still burns when I apply it but I can deal with that.

For the record the original dime-sized lesion grew to a scarry-looking large quarter size of raw flesh before it started to heal. I did use Neosporin twice for 4 hours only when it was oozing yellow. And I had difficulty keeping it moist when it reached as far as my hairline. But I found that as long as it was totally covered by the Micropore, it was OK.

You may pass this on to other intrepid first-time users along with my phone number. It is good to have someone to ask questions of.


Using Can C Eye Drops

Thank you so much for encouraging me to do this. It is by far the best approach we have to healing squamous cell carcinoma and keratoses.

"Marie Santa Barbara"

Using Can C Eye Drops

This is GREAT stuff. I have used it on 2 small skin cancers, and it DOES destroy only the cancer cells. I feel that. Am grateful that it doesn't leave "craters" in my skin, the way other treatments have.

"S Schumpert"

Using Can C Eye Drops

Just a follow up on my treatment with Curaderm. The treatment has been successful with a lesion that has persisted on my decollage and after 1.5 weeks of treatment it has healed over completely. I am thrilled with this result and this takes to the number five of skin cancers that I have successfully treated with Curaderm. Thank you so much for offering this great product.

Kind regards,

"J Mawson"

Using Can C Eye Drops

Just wanted to let you know that I applied BEC-5 to my plantar wart (after my dermatologist suggested I try it) once a day, covered with a waterproof band aid. In exactly one week it (and a relatively large piece of skin about 2mm depth) peeled off. Thought you should know.