How to use
Curaderm-bec5 Cream

No fuss, no stress, no time - that's the beauty of bec5 curaderm usage and the eggplant treatment. You simply apply curaderm cream in three easy steps:
  • Ensure the skin cancer treatment area is clean and dry
  • Gently apply curaderm cream to cover the affected skin
  • Round-off bec5 curaderm usage by applying a plaster or dressing

Skin cancer photos - before and after treatment

Figure 1: Graphically shows lesions on the nose before skin cancer treatment.

Figure 2: This image shows the lesion three weeks into bec5 curaderm usage. Ulcerating over a wide area, it appears as a single lesion - exposing the soft tissue (cartilage) of the nose.

Figure 3: Signs that curaderm works, after 13 weeks of skin cancer treatment. While direct comparison of these skin cancer photos is difficult due to different angles and exposures, the image indicates that the patient's nose has resumed its original shape and the lesion has abated. A biopsy taken at the end of bec5 curaderm usage indicated that histologically (microscopic examination of tissues) BCC was no longer present. And 10 years after skin cancer treatment, no clinical recurrence was reported - testament to the effectiveness of Curaderm's natural eggplant-derived ingredients.

Bec5 curaderm usage and Sqamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

This selection of skin cancer photos illustrates the before (A), during (B) and after (C) effects of curaderm usage on the nose of a woman with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC). The treatment involved the application of Curadern-BEC5 for approximately four and a half weeks. Exposure of cartilage in the nose indicates the depth of the cancer, but at the end of the treatment only a small scar is left. Without the eggplant Curaderm treatment, surgery would have been a likely option. Removal of a large area of the nose may have followed with the need for a prosthetic (artificial) nose.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil reviews: the facts speak for themselves

A large number of skin cancer, Bec5 curaderm patients buy tamanu oil to help speed up the healing process.

Oil of Tamanu is all-natural and originates from the Pacific Islands, where it has been successfully used for generations as a topical skin healing treatment.

A tamanu oil buy as part of skin cancer, Bec5 curaderm treatment could be an option, as Pure Tamanu Oil promotes the growth of new, healthy skin.

Research and reviews have focused on Pure Tamanu Oil as a potent cicatrizing (scar and wound healing) treatment and pain relief remedy.

French scientists began research into its medicinal and therapeutic uses as early as 1918. Tamanu Oil was found to contain a number of natural chemical compounds, which combined help to restore and rejuvenate the skin and body.

Wider Tamanu Oil Benefits

Acting as a powerful skin moisturiser, protector and healer, tamanu oil eczema control and tamanu oil acne scars treatment are further uses for this versatile oil. Tamanu oil anti aging treatments help to promote a healthy skin and body, while tamanu oil stretch marks treatment addresses skin lines and scaring.

If you look at its time-honoured use in Pacific Island communities such as Tahiti, Oil of Tamanu is trusted as a skin remedy for everything from cuts, burns and bites, to sunburn and blisters - and even as a naturally soothing treatment for nappy rash. And as well as skin healing, Tamanu Oil is also prized for its anti-neuralgic pain relief and antioxidant properties.

Oil of Tamanu origins

Oil of Tamanu is derived from the Tamanu tree, which is native to the Pacific Islands and other tropical regions. The oil comes from the nut of the Tamunu tree, which is found inside the tree's apricot-sized fruit. After harvesting, the nut kernels are left to naturally oxidise in the sun, where they turn from yellow to a sticky chocolate brown consistency.

As the name suggests, Pure Tamanu Oil is harvested and refined in a 100% natural process, without the use of any chemicals or additives. Unfortunately, it is also a time consuming and expensive process. Individual nuts contain a relatively small amount of oil, which means that up to 100 kilograms of nuts are needed to produce just 5 kilograms of oil.

But the good news is that, as a cold pressed oil (like olive oil), Oil of Tamanu stays fresh and potent for over a year if stored in a cool dry place.

Pure Tamanu Oil is easily absorbed and penetrates deep into the skin - another reason why it is so effective in stimulating skin healing and renewal.

Helping to heal wounds and restore the skin to its natural condition makes a tamanu oil buy a consideration in skin cancer, Bec5 curaderm treatment.

If you are looking for reasons to buy tamanu oil, it is easy to apply and offers soothing pain relief - in addition natural skin healing properties that have been trusted for thousands of years.