Eggplant Cancer Cure
Bill-e Cham

Dr. Bill E Cham

is a renowned biochemist and author of The Eggplant Cancer Cure. He was the first person to recognise and apply the cancer destroying properties of the plant extract at the centre of Bec5 Curaderm cream.

After 25 years development, Dr. Bill E Cham has created a safe, effective and easy to apply

skin cancer cream

that's naturally derived. Utilising natural glycoalkaloids from the Devil's apple plant (related to the eggplant family), he developed the clinically proven treatment for

Basal cell carcinoma

(BCC) - the most common type of skin cancer - and some malignant types of skin cancers too.

Without the investigation and development of the Devil's apple plant by Dr Bill E Cham

Curaderm BEC5 Cream

wouldn't exist.

You can find about more about the work of Dr. Bill E Cham on this video below.